Arkansas Solar Incentives

Arkansas Solar Incentives;

Renewable Technology Rebate Fund;
State: Arkansas

  • Incentive Type: State Rebate Program
  • Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies: Solar Water Heat, Photovoltaics, Wind
  • Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Residential, Nonprofit, Local Government
  • Amount: PV: $1.50/kWh for systems 25 kW or under, $0.75/kWh for systems over 25 kW
  • Wind: $1.25/kWh for systems 20 kW or under, $0.625/kWh for systems over 20 kW
  • Solar Water Heating: $30/sq. ft. for systems 320 sq. ft. or less, $15/sq. ft. for systems over 320 sq. ft.
  • Eligible System Size: Electricity-generating systems must meet the size requirements of the net metering and interconnection policies (25 kW or smaller for residential, 300 kW or smaller for non-residential)
  • PV: 60 kW or smaller if ground mounted; systems on rooftops or parking structures must be appropriately sized;
  • Wind: 20 kW or smaller (larger systems may be considered on case-by-case basis);
  • Equipment Requirements: All equipment must be new and commercially available. Systems must meet UL, IEEE, NEC, and SRCC standards, if applicable.
  • Funding Source: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
  • Program Budget: $1,780,000
  • Program Start Date: 3/22/2010
  • Program Expiration Date: 3/31/2012
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