El Paso Electric Company – Solar PV Pilot Program

El Paso Electric Company – Solar PV Pilot Program;
State: Texas

  • Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program
  • Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies: Photovoltaics
  • Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Non-profit, Schools, Local Government, Construction, State Government, Installer/Contractor, Tribal Government, Fed. Government, Multi-Family Residential, Must be a Texas El Paso Electric Customer
  • Amount: $2.50/W DC
  • Maximum Incentive: $25,000
  • Eligible System Size: Minimum: 1 kW (unless for educational use at schools)
  • Maximum: 2 MW (interconnection and net metering limit); system must be sized so that estimated production does not exceed annual on-site energy consumption
  • Equipment Requirements: Equipment must be new; modules must be UL-1703-listed (or equivalent) and inverters must be UL-1741 listed (or equivalent); revenue-grade solar generation meter required to measure system output; systems must have an all-inclusive five-year warranty against breakdown or degradation of more than 10% from rated output; lockable AC disconnect is required.
  • Installation Requirements: Systems must be grid-connected and installed on the customer’s side of the meter; estimated system performance must be at least 80% of optimal, unshaded output as measured by PVWatts; Must use Service Provider from EPE’s registered Service Provider list (specific eligibility requirements)
  • Ownership of Renewable Energy Credits: El Paso Electric
  • Program Budget: 2010: $141,300
  • 2011: $141,300
  • Program Start Date: March 2010
  • Program Expiration Date: 12/31/2011 or when funds are exhausted
  • Web Site: http://www.txreincentives.com/tpv/index.php


Steve Wiese – El Paso Electric Solar PV Pilot Program
1515 S Capital of Texas Highway, Suite 110
Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (800) 381-6552 Ext.101
E-Mail: steve.wiese@cleanenergyassociates.com
Web Site: http://www.txreincentives.com/elpasopv/index.php