LADWP – Solar Incentive Program

LADWP – Solar Incentive Program;
State: California

  • Incentive Type: Utility Rebate Program
  • Eligible Renewable/Other Technologies: Photovoltaics
  • Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Residential, Nonprofit, Local Government
  • Amount: Incentives are paid up-front on a per-kWh-basis for the estimated production over 20 years
  • Incentive amount will step down over the life of the program in 10 phases as certain installed MW levels are reached.
  • See program website for current incentive level
  • Maximum Incentive: Up to 75% of project costs for residential installations and up to 50% for commercial systems
  • The maximum system size for incentive payment is 1 MW AC per site, or per government, or per corporate parent per year.
  • 2 MW may be reserved depending on fund availability
  • Eligible System Size: Minimum system size of 1 kW
  • Maximum system size of 5 MW
  • Equipment Requirements: Must use CEC-certified PV modules and inverters.
  • Custom modules not certified by UL 1703 may seek certification by the LA Department of Building and Safety Materials Test Lab. Specifications for solar equipment not listed by the CEC must also be provided to the LADWP Solar Group.
  • Warranty requirements: panels – 20 years; components – 10 years
  • Installation Requirements: The installer must be a properly licensed California contractor with an active A, B, C-10 or C-46 license.
  • Ownership of Renewable Energy Credits: RECs become the property of LADWP. Participants may elect to take a significantly smaller incentive than the base incentive in exchange for ownership of the RECs.
  • Funding Source: Public Benefits Fund
  • Program Budget: $313 million over 10 years
  • Program Expiration Date: 12/31/2017, or when total installed MW goal has been reached.
  • Web Site:


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